European hedgehog

Although this species of hedgehog is protected in the Netherlands and therefore cannot be kept as a pet, we still offer products for these animals. Many people enjoy helping the animals by, for example, placing a hedgehog hotel in the garden or feeding the animals.

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At The Hedgehog Program we research hedgehogs and tenrecs, at a low level and with the help of many pet owners, breeders and rescue shelters. For example, we conduct research on quills with a microscope, we look at the general health of hedgehogs in captivity and we are even developing behavioral research on wild hedgehogs and tenrecs.

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Hedgehog species

Would you like to learn more about the different hedgehog species? We have devoted a number of pages to the five different hedgehog families and the 18 different hedgehog species within these families. Here you can read, among other things, where a species of hedgehog lives and what they look like.

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Everything for a hedgehog

Below is an example of the supplies you need to house a hedgehog.

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