This family of hedgehogs is the family of true African hedgehogs, meaning they only inhabit the continent of Africa and are not found anywhere else in the world!

African pygmy hedgehog

Atelerix albiventris

The most popular species in captivity, but of course this species is native to Central and East Africa.

North African hedgehog

Atelerix algirus

This species is native to North Africa, mainly Morocco and Algeria. It has also been introduced in captivity, but not as a common species.

South African hedgehog

Atelerix frontalis

The species which is native to South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania. They are a protected species in South Africa.

Somali hedgehog

Atelerix sclateri

A species so rarely seen, that science even doubts its existence! They are also very similar to African pygmy urchins and have overlapping habitats in Kenya with the species. Somali hedgehogs are mainly found in Ethiopia and Somalia.