At The Hedgehog Program we think it is important to provide good information about hedgehogs in captivity, so that everyone can read well in advance. Whether you want a hedgehog as a pet for the first time or if you are starting to breed, there is bound to be a course in our offer that suits you. And best of all? After purchasing a course you have lifetime access to the course material. So if you want to search for something, you can always find it!

Genetics 101

This course focuses on the basics of genetics. You learn who discovered genetics, what forms of inheritance there are and you learn to calculate with genes. Just as Mendell and Punett made it possible for you!

Basic care African pygmy hedgehogs

The starter course on the basic care of African pygmy hedgehogs takes you through all the necessary knowledge that you really need to know before you want to keep a African pygmy hedgehogs as a pet.

Kickstart course breeding

This course will teach you a little bit of everything. You start with the basic care, then you learn about genetics and you learn all you need to know about problems that can occur with hedgehogs during breeding.