Kickstart course breeding

This course will teach you a little bit of everything. You start with the basic care, then you learn about genetics and you learn all you need to know about problems that can occur with hedgehogs during breeding.


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Breeding goal

As a breeder it is important to have a breeding goal, so that you know what you are breeding for. One person wants many different colors and the other prefers to focus on one specific color. Of course there are also breeding goals that you should always adhere to, such as the health of the animals.


A mentor is there to teach you the tricks of the trade, but is also there for you if you need help quickly. In fact, you should be able to reach a mentor even in the middle of the night. Within the field, your mentor is your best friend.

Hedgery name

With a name for your hedgery you can map yourself well as a breeder. It almost sounds like a business, but it doesn't have to be!

Professional competence course

In the Netherlands, a professional competence course applies if you breed animals for commercial trade, in fact if you want to sell a bred hedgehog. In this chapter you will learn when you should or should not take the course and what you will learn there.

Setting up a hedgery

Setting up a hedgery is a lot of work, you have probably already read that. In this chapter we describe which tasks you have as a breeder and which rights and obligations you all have.


When you start breeding, you quickly come across breeders who ask for a pedigree of an animal that you have in your house. A family tree is an overview of all ancestors: about 4 to 6 generations for the hedgehog. It contains a lot of information and you can estimate whether an animal is related.


Of course, as a breeder it is also nice to keep records. There are different ways to do this and there are pros and cons.

Basic knowledge of reproduction

A good basic knowledge of reproduction as a breeder goes well beyond the basic knowledge required for someone who only keeps hedgehogs as pets. That is why in this chapter you will learn all the basic knowledge about how hedgehogs reproduce, what problems can arise and how long gestation lasts for each hedgehog species and at what age young are sexually mature and ready for breeding.

Color basics

Genetics can be very important as a breeder, especially if you want to breed specific colors. Without a basic understanding of genetics, you're left betting on whether your colors will be bred. With the right knowledge about genetics you can select much more specifically and work towards a specific goal. In this chapter you will not only learn the colors and patterns of hedgehogs, but also how genetics works in the basics and how you can select by colors.

Basic health knowledge

Breeding involves many more health risks than keeping hedgehogs as pets. In this chapter you will learn what parts a hedgehog's body consists of, what functions organs have, what problems can arise with breeding and much more.

Breeding basics

Breeding itself also requires knowledge, for example how a mating works, how to raise young hedgehogs by hand, and how to deal with different situations with buyers.


In Europe, Africa, America and Asia there are a lot of different laws to take into account depending on which country you live in. In this chapter, we discuss some of the important laws and regulations related to the commercial breeding and trading of animals.


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